Remembrance Day 2020 Events – COVID-19 risk assessment

Please note: The below guidance is subject to the current government guidance regarding events and social gatherings. It is important to refer to the official government advice relevant to your area before planning an event.

Read the latest government guidance: Local authority preparations for Remembrance Sunday

November 11th 2020 will mark 102 years of remembrance since the end of the First World War, with many events set to take place across the country on Remembrance Sunday (8th November).

During the run-up to Remembrance Sunday, and on the day itself, it is common for local and parish councils to arrange Remembrance events in their area – giving the local community a chance to come together and remember those who have lost their lives in service to their country.

As the coronavirus pandemic will make it even more difficult for councils to plan a Remembrance Day event this year, we have produced a special risk assessment template to help local councils plan safe events in their community.

The risk assessment covers a range of activities and hazards associated with a Remembrance Day event, including:

  • Risk of road traffic incidents
  • Taking measures to allow access for emergency vehicles
  • Making preparations for adverse weather conditions
  • Risk of attendees slipping or tripping and causing injury
  • Enforcing social distancing rules and the ‘Rule of 6’ (if applicable to your area)

Please note the above risk assessment is general in nature and is not likely to cover all potential scenarios. If you are planning a Remembrance Day event in your community and would like more specific risk management advice and guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Is my Remembrance Day event covered under my insurance policy?

BHIB Councils Insurance customers and policyholders are automatically covered for Public Liability under your policy at no extra charge regardless of the number of people attending an event. If you are not a BHIB Councils Insurance customer, please check with your broker/insurer if you are unsure if your policy provides cover.

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