Free Risk Assessment Templates

Clear Councils provides not only insurance, but also guidance on risk management to Local Councils. We have collated a selection of useful resources to help you manage your risks. You can download them for free below.

Risk Assessment Toolkit

We have designed an exclusive Toolkit which will help you to identify potential risks that may arise in your Council. With this Toolkit, you can log your current control measures against any potential hazard.

The Toolkit covers areas such as financial control, governance, assets and liabilities, procurement, systems and process, people, and much more.

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Using Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

Councils have a duty to protect employees and volunteers from the health risks associated with working with DSE.

This Self-Assessment Form includes a checklist for ensuring home-working stations for staff and volunteers are correctly set-up.

Holding Community Events

This generic Risk Assessment can be used as a foundation when your council is holding a community event.

It outlines common risks such as slips and trips, weather, first aid arrangement, equipment and more.

Pond Risk Assessment

This generic Risk Assessment can be used to help you manage the ponds in your area.

It outlines common risks such as slips and trips, drowning, hygiene, pond depth and more.

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