What to consider when hosting a Remembrance Sunday event

Remembrance Sunday falls on 13 November in 2022 and is an opportunity to remember those that have defended our freedoms. 

To commemorate this important time, Councils from across the UK will be busy organising events to pay tribute. As part of your celebrations, you may decide to hold events, light beacons, or hold firework displays. 

Therefore, BHIB Councils Insurance would like to reaffirm several guidelines to ensure that all those attending are kept safe.

Guidelines for hosting a Remembrance Sunday event

  • Police and Fire Brigade authorities must be consulted at least 7 days prior to the event, and again, their recommendations strictly adhered to.
  • There should be at least 1 steward in attendance for every 100 spectators for the duration of the event.
  • Qualified First Aid personnel must be in attendance with the means available to summon the Emergency Services.
  • All independent persons, owners of mechanically propelled vehicles and the owners of any animals must have their own Public Liability Insurance.
  • The Policyholder must ensure that all areas where events are to take place are suitable for their intended purpose.
If you organise a firework display, you must:
  • Consult the relevant authorities at least seven days before the event.
  • Comply with any recommendations or instructions of:
    • The relevant authorities.
    • Fireworks manufacturers.
  • Organise the event in accordance with the latest guidance from the Health and Safety Executive, in particular:
    • Storing fireworks in a safe manner.
    • Keeping spectators a safe distance away from the display and bonfire.
    • Providing an adequate number of marshals or stewards to control spectators.
    • Having available means of extinguishing a fire.
    • Providing sufficient first aiders.
  • Obtain fireworks from a reputable manufacturer and not modify or adapt fireworks.
  • Ensure the display is at least 20 metres away from premises or vehicles which you do not own, hire or rent or any flammable or other dangerous materials.

If it is not possible to comply with these guidelines for any reason, please contact the BHIB Councils Insurance team.

If you have any questions about your insurance cover or if you unsure about any of the requirements then please contact us on 0330 013 0036 or email us at [email protected].

Event Cancelation

Another factor to consider when organising VE Day events is financial risk.
How much is the event costing to organise and how much would you lose if it was cancelled? What is the additional cost of re-arranging the event?
BHIB Councils Insurance are able to offer separate, one-off ‘Event Cancelation’ insurance which will help to reimburse your event or pay for the additional costs of re-organising the event if it is cancelled or postponed.
Speak to a member of the team for a free, no obligation quote to cover the costs and expenses of your event in the instance that it is cancelled or postponed.

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