Year End Accounts for Councils: Eliminating the Stress of Preparing Reports for Audit

At the end of each financial year, parish and town councils prepare an Annual Governance & Accountability Return (AGAR) which includes an Annual Governance Statement and Accounting Statements. The AGAR is subject to both an internal audit and an external audit.

This can be a particularly stressful and confusing time of year for councils, especially for Clerks or Councillors who are new to their roles or without a financial background.

Preparing all the documentation for Year End using manual processes and multiple spreadsheets can be time consuming and many councils find themselves working overtime to get it complete.

Introducing Cloud-Based Accountancy

Scribe Accounts, our cloud-based accountancy partner, make accounts easy with their logical and straightforward platform, which can save councils up to 8 hours per month.

Because the work has already been done for you, Scribe’s platform can remove the stress and confusion of Year End, allowing you to generate your Year End Statement in just a few clicks.

Scribe Support Accountant Hannah Driver says:

“I have spoken to many Clerks over the last few months who have told me that they find the Year End process stressful and absolutely dread this time of year, especially those using spreadsheets and manual cashbooks. The team and I at Scribe are always here to support and guide Clerks through the Year End process and help eliminate the annual dread.”

Helpful Resources for Year End

To assist your council in understanding how to prepare their Annual Governance & Accountability Return and comply with the requirements of the audit process, we have listed Scribe’s useful resources below.

1. Year End Checklist

Keeping this updated with your progress is key and will ensure you do not miss any vital steps. Download The Year End Checklist

2. Step-By-Step Videos

Scribe’s MAAT qualified Accountant has put together a series of videos to demonstrate the ease of using a cloud-based platform:

Introduction to Local Council Accounting

AGAR: The Annual Governance And Accountability Return Made Easy

The Ultimate Guide to Year End

3. Learn from a Network of Clerks – Utilise the support of other Clerks and get your questions answered in Scribe’s popular Facebook Group.

4. Assess Your Accountancy System – Could you save time by switching to a cloud-based provider? Request a Scribe Demo.

Note: We recommend saving this article as it contains everything you need to know to prepare for Year End, ensuring you come out the other side wondering why you ever worried!


If you need further support, please get in touch with the Scribe team here.

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