8 Interesting Facts About Village Halls In The UK

To celebrate #VillageHallsWeek, we’ve put together some interesting statistics about village halls!

  1. There are around 10,000 village halls in operation in England
  2. Village halls have a combined total asset value of £3bn
  3. A total of 80,000 volunteers help keep village halls in operation up and down the country
  4. On average volunteers donate 18.5 hours per week to their village hall
  5. Village halls host a combined 90,000 ‘life events’ every year – birthday celebrations, christenings, weddings, funerals etc.
  6. Over 1,000 community businesses are located in village halls, including Post Offices, coffee bars, shops, libraries and even cinemas
  7. Almost 25% of halls were built before World War I, while an estimated 600 were built to commemorate The Great War
  8. The age of a village hall committee member can range from 18 to 98


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