Come to our free Cyber Security Training Workshop at the NALC Annual Conference 2019

The NALC Annual Conference is set to take place on the 28/29 October this year and will highlight the role of Local Councils in strengthening their communities.
This will be an excellent opportunity for councillors, clerks, county officers, members, exhibitors and sponsors to network and share good practice, and to develop solutions to local issues.
This vision puts Local Councils at the heart of building stronger communities in a post-Brexit world.

Cyber Security Training Workshop 
1 in every 4 Councils experienced a cyber security incident between 2013 and 2017*, so now is the time to raise your Council’s cybercrime awareness.
Is your Council aware of what insurance solutions are out there to protect itself against cybercrime? Do you know how best to protect your Council’s IT hardware and assets?
Andy Hall, our Cyber Insurance Specialist, is delivering Workshop B on Cyber security at NALC’s Annual Conference on 28 October 2019. This session will provide practical tips about the different types of cybercrime you need to protect your Council against, as well as the various types of insurance solution available to protect it.
Our New Cyber Insurance Solution
BHIB Councils Insurance have now launched a new Cyber Insurance solution, designed specifically for Parish and Town Councils.
BHIB Cyber for Councils aims to protect your Council against a range of cyber security threats that your local authority may face, such as data breaches, distress claims or damage to reputation.
Our policy has a range of benefits that are exclusive to BHIB Cyber for Councils including:
  • Free EOS (European Organisation for Security) data breach alert and monitoring service.
  • Small Councils can work in partnership and have a joint policy with up to 3 other Councils to split the cost and share the 10 free Avast Business Pro Plus device licences.
  • Free 1 Hour cyber/GDPR consultation with a compliance specialist, who is also a councillor.
Find out more
To learn more about this workshop or for more information on Cyber Insurance, contact the BHIB Councils Insurance team on 0330 013 0036.
To book onto NALC’s Annual Conference 2019 and save 20% before early-bird rates end on 31 July 2019, please click here.


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