Press Release: Free Digital Assets Mapping for Councils

BHIB Councils Insurance is offering free digital assets mapping with Parish Online for Councils who insure with them.

BHIB Councils Insurance is offering free Parish Online licences to all Councils who sign up to insure with them for three years, providing they use the digital mapping tool to keep their assets up to date. Recommended by the National Association of Local Councils (NALC), Parish Online is the most widely-used digital mapping system across Local Government.

Would you know how many street lights there are in your Local Authority? When to review your playground equipment? Or when your council assets were last valued, at the touch of a button?

A Council’s insurance cover can only ever be as good as its knowledge and management of its assets. This is because no insurance policy can adequately cover assets that have been under-valued, incorrectly maintained or not registered at all.

BHIB Councils Insurance is a Local Councils insurance broker, proud to be partnered exclusively with Aviva, the UK’s largest insurer. BHIB has recognised the vast improvement in the quality and ease-of–maintenance of asset registers maintained using Parish Online.

The creation and maintenance of a comprehensive asset register is a complex and error-prone task, which, for many Councils, is delegated to several different people using their own spreadsheets and documents. Too often there is no system for prompting review actions such as the re-valuing of buildings or the maintenance of playground equipment. Without a more structured approach to Asset Management changes of personnel can throw the asset register into disarray.

Parish Online is the perfect tool for Councils to record assets in a centralised and secure web-based register, available to all relevant Council staff. Each asset can be linked to the related documentation, such as valuations, maintenance records and photographs. The system then prompts to the right person in the Council to ensure that each asset is kept up to date.

The biggest challenge facing councils is keeping track of all their assets, and I am delighted that we can now offer a free Parish Online licence to every council which takes out a three-year insurance agreement with us” explains Michelle South, BHIB Councils Insurance Director

Jonathan Owen, CEO National Association of Local Councils adds: “NALC has a longstanding partnership with both BHIB Councils Insurance and Parish Online and we applaud this initiative. Maintaining an Asset Register is a core requirement at the Foundation Level of the Good Council Award Scheme, but it’s all too easy for an asset register to deteriorate over time unless it is maintained in a web-based, distributed system such as Parish Online.

Using Parish Online will save time and reduce the risks of underinsurance and failed claims.
Chris Mewse, CEO of data management and geospatial survey company GeoXphere Ltd says: “I am very proud that BHIB has recognised the power of Parish Online as a simple and highly effective asset management system. With the support of BHIB Councils Insurance and NALC, Parish Online is consolidating its position as the leading digital mapping system for Local Councils

To find out more, please get in touch with our specialist BHIB Councils Insurance team at [email protected] or give them a call on 0330 013 0036. 

You can find out more about our companies products and services at and

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