We can now cover your Council for Cyber Attacks

We are excited to announce the launch of our new cyber insurance product, designed especially for Councils. BHIB Cyber for Councils aims to protect against a range of cyber security threats your local authority may face, such as data breaches, distress claims or damage to reputation.

What is a cyber attack and how could it affect my Council?

Cybercrime is now the country’s most common criminal offence and Councils are increasingly becoming victims. The crime targets computer systems, infrastructures, networks or devices to steal, alter or destroy data or systems. As a result of successful cyber attacks, Councils are being hit by large fines for data breaches from the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office).

We can now provide tailored protection and peace of mind for Local Councils from the risks of cyber attacks and any liabilities that arise due to a breach of privacy legislation (GDPR).

Is your Council protected against cyber attacks? 

Now is the time to “spend to save” and get better protection for your Council. You would purchase theft insurance even if you’ve taken security measures to protect your Council’s property – so why wouldn’t you purchase cyber insurance, even if your Council has IT security?

Our aim at BHIB Councils Insurance is to be your council insurance provider of choice and your trusted long term insurance partner. Using a combination of our industry expertise, dedicated support and tailored insurance solutions, we can make sure you’re protected whatever the size of your Council.

Why choose BHIB Cyber for Councils? 

Our policy has a range of benefits that are exclusive to BHIB Cyber for Councils including:

  • Free EOS (European Organisation for Security) data breach alert and monitoring service. 
  • Premium of £299.99 including Insurance Premium Tax 
  • Small Councils can work in partnership and have a joint policy with up to 3 other Councils to split the cost and share the 10 free Avast Business Pro Plus device licences. 
  • Free 1 Hour cyber/GDPR consultation with a compliance specialist, who is also a councillor. 
  • BHIB Councils Insurance Cyber Risk Scorecard.

For more information, call the BHIB Councils Insurance team on 0330 013 0036.

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